A Family Law Office in Lee’s Summit, MO Helps Biological Fathers in the Effort to Halt an Adoption

Consider what might happen if a woman becomes pregnant during a short-term relationship or a casual encounter. She might not want the man to be involved in her life and may not want to raise a child, so she decides to give the baby up for adoption. If the man discovers the woman is pregnant, he may need the help of a family law office in Lee’s Summit, MO to stop the adoption process if he wants to claim paternal rights to the child.

Legal Considerations

If the woman is determined to keep him out of the picture, she may claim there is no way he could be the father. The man will be able to demand a paternity test with the assistance of a family law office in Lee’s Summit, MO. Men who have not been supportive financially or emotionally during the pregnancy may find their rights terminated, but they have a better chance in court if they were never informed about the baby’s existence.

Usually, for an adoption to be legal, both parents must sign away their rights to the child unless the mother does not know who the father is or cannot locate him. The mother is going to be in serious legal trouble if the court discovers she gave the child up for adoption without trying to find the father or telling him about the baby.

Filing Documents with the Court

Typically, an attorney with an organization such as Dana Outlaw Law Office files an official objection to the adoption in court. The father may also petition the court for custody of the child. It may be difficult for the mother to protest the action and lobby for custody herself since she was fully planning to give the baby to adoptive parents. Her lawyer would need to prove the father is somehow unfit to be a full-time parent to the child.

Fathers who learn of a pregnancy that could be their offspring and want to stop an adoption should act quickly to establish paternity. Delays could lead the court to side with the mother in terminating paternal rights. Visit the website to get started. You can also visit them on their YouTube Channel.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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