A Few Benefits of Using Voice Over IP in Wichita, KS

Working in a business setting, you have probably never given much thought to just how important the office phone system is to your daily operations. You have become all to aware of its importance now however, as you are on the hunt for a new telecommunications system for your business.

At this point in your search, you have probably already presented with a number of options including possibly a system utilizing Voice Over IP in Wichita KS from Communications Technology Associates Inc. With all of the choices before you, it’s most likely time to begin weighing the benefits of each.

So let’s take a very quick look at some of the benefits associated with using Voice Over IP in Wichita, KS:

1. Cost Effective –

Voice Over IP, or VOIP as it is commonly referred to, does not transmit over traditional telephone lines. Instead, your voices travel over the internet though the use of private data networks. This minor and unnoticeable change can mean big savings on your bottom line as you are not expected to pay local telephone companies for access to their public lines. This can also save money for larger businesses as it can reduce the cost of maintenance, manpower, and additional telephone lines.

2. No Longer Just a Phone –

VOIP services can transform your current telephone system from just a telephone into a media capable machine that can do so much more than it used to, provided you have the right kind of equipment. Advanced VOIP systems can allow users to send instant messages, set busy notifications, and even engage in fully functional video calls.

3. Operate Without Borders –

Since VOIP technology does not utilize traditional telephone lines or the “legacy” telephone companies’ services in any way, geographical restrictions that once applied to country codes, area codes, and even specific phone numbers no longer apply. You can take an existing telephone number with the same area code and country code and have it transferred to any one of your locations, even if it happens to be on the other side of the world.

While there are no doubt still a great number of things to consider, as you can see in these few examples VOIP has a host of wonderful benefits to offer. Always thoroughly consider all of your options however, and make the choice that is best for your specific business needs.

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