A Few Tire Buying Tips

Tires are the only contact point a vehicle makes with the road, as such the condition of them is of paramount importance. Your car can have great brakes and suspension, but even highly advanced ABS systems are at the mercy of the tires grip on the road surface. If tires are badly worn, over or under inflated or the wrong type of tires for the environment, owners place themselves, passengers and others at serious risk. A tire dealer in Orland Park will be the first to tell you that the first consideration is price and the second is availability, but there is far more than that to consider when purchasing new tires.

Things to consider when buying new tires:

The right one:

Many vehicle owners fail to replace their tires with the correct size. The first requirement of any tire is that it must be able to carry the fully loaded weight of your car or light truck. Even the most expensive tire will not perform well if it is overloaded. The tire size must also be considered. Modern cars are highly computerized; these electronic marvels require accurate speed input to ensure accurate output information.

Where to buy:

There are plenty of places to purchase new tires, if you take your car to the dealer they will replace your worn tires with exact duplicates, and you can expect to spend far more money than should you buy from an independent tire dealer in Orland Park. When you rely on a well-known independent you can be assured of great value, excellent service and you can choose from the best manufacturers.

Believe the manufacturer:

Vehicle manufacturers recommend a specific tire size and type, they do this based on load carrying capacity, road handling capabilities and to maintain proper steering. Changing the tire size can be a mistake; the handling characteristics of your car can be seriously compromised.

Don’t expect even the best tires to last if they are not well maintained. It is your responsibility to ensure that the tire pressure is correct at all times and the tires are rotated to ensure even wear.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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