A Good Mix: Moving And Storage Services

Moving is something most Americans will do at least once in their life. It may be a quick hop across town or a longer one into the next state. It some instances, it may be one involved in pulling up stakes to move across the entire country. In most cases, people will hire professional movers and those who are skilled in moving will hire experts who handle both moving and storage. In Washington DC, this is a way to cover all contingencies.

Why Moving and Storage Companies?

It is not always possible to move everything all at once. Sometimes, you have to leave your current residence before you have found the right place into which to move. In either case, you require a company that handles both moving and storage. This ensures that not only do you get your belongings and property out of the one residence, but you also have a safe place to store them until it is time to move them into your new home.

Storage Needs

The operative word is “safe.” Yet, finding the right company to both move and store your goods means you have to not only consider their credentials a movers, but also whether they possess the wherewithal to store your precious items. You need to look at what the moving and storage company is doing to make sure your goods are protected until you need them. Prepare yourself a list before you ask them about their facilities and services. A basic list needs to take into consideration such pertinent information as:

    • Time: How long are you planning to keep the material in their facility?
    • Size: How large a storage unit do you require?
    • Location: Are the units indoors or outdoors? Most moving and storage companies provide indoor units, but you do not want to take any risks.
    • Security: What type of security does the storage unit have in place? Are their security guards? Do they have monitors 24/7?
    • Insurance: What type of insurance does the company provide? Does it cover such things as earthquakes, floods and fires?
    • Condition: What condition are the units in? Are they clean, bug free, like new?

Specific Features: Are the storage unit or facilities climate controlled? This may not be important to some but if you are storing artwork, antiques or other sensitive items, this is a must and non-negotiable.

Pay the facility a visit to ensure everything is as it should be.

Once you are certain the moving and storage company meets your needs, have them pay a visit. If they quote you a fair price hire them for your moving and storage. In Washington DC, it is also best to check out the rest and then allow the best to help you move forward.

When looking to companies that handle Moving And Storage in Washington DC one name that is sure to crop up is Integrated Moving Systems Inc. (IMS). As a top moving company in the industry, they have the experience, the skill and the ability to handle all your moving and storage needs. For more information on us and our services, visit us online at http://integratedmoving.com/.

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