A Gravity Conveyor Is a Very Versatile Piece of Equipment

There are many different types of conveyors, mainly because many different industries use them, and one of the most common is called a gravity conveyor. These conveyors use rollers and skate wheels to get the products down the belt, and they tend to be easy to move from one location to another if you need to do so.

Also called gravity roller conveyors, they are usually material handlers and can accommodate a lot of volume. Indeed, if you move lots of items on a daily basis, this is the type of conveyor that you need.

They’ve Been Around for a While

Gravity roller conveyors became especially popular during World War I, and today they are found in numerous warehouses across the country. In some ways, a gravity conveyor looks similar to a ladder except there are rollers instead of rungs. This is an affordable, very reliable, and low-maintenance conveyor that has been used for decades, and with good reason. It is also a very basic system that isn’t as high-tech as others, but it does the trick every time.

You Don’t Always Need an Expensive System

Conveyors come in so many designs that you’ll always be able to find one that is right for your business. A gravity conveyor is a basic, sturdy, affordable conveyor that also tends to last for many years. It is easy to operate and can even take a lot of abuse yet keep on going. You can easily research these conveyors online to find the one that’s best for you.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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