A Landscape Architect vs. A Landscape Contractor

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Landscaping

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There is a considerable difference between a landscape architect and a landscape contractor in Mooresville NC; the level of education and the tasks they are expected to perform are very different. To make sure that you hire the right skill when you are about to undertake a landscaping project, knowing the difference between the two is important.

Although there are marked differences between the two roles, both the architect and the contractor are extremely important if the project is going to be a success. They each have special training and perform different roles, but they work hand in hand to develop a plan and see it to completion. The idea of landscaping is to provide a comfortable environment which is not only inviting, but is equally easy to maintain.

A landscape contractor in Mooresville, NC is expected to have at least two years of post secondary school education wherein the study of soil, the native plants in the area, an understanding of water drainage and the maintenance of healthy plants. Many landscape contractors work for a number of years alongside an experienced landscape crew, learning as time goes by. Eventually, many of these apprentice landscapers will start their own landscape construction business where they focus on both residential and business work.

A landscape architect is responsible for the overall design of the project; they must develop the plans which show cross sections of the finished grades, they dedicate certain areas of the garden to specific use, the fully understand the climate in which they are working and they plan all the drainage. As trees and bushes grow over the years, it is important that the proper foliage is selected so that it maintains its beauty and continuity over time. As most landscape architects now work with sophisticated software, they are able to predict what the garden will look like after various time frames, say five and ten years.

After the project has reached a conclusion, the landscape architect will move on to another client. Although the landscape contractor in Mooresville NC also moves to new clients, he will often enter into long term contracts with the owner to maintain the gardens to a very high standard. People who spend a great deal on landscaping look for sustainability and image.

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