A Pediatric Dentist In Grand Prairie TX Will Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

What age should a child first visit a dental office? The best marker to take a child to the dentist is around their first birthday because this is usually when several teeth have started arriving. A visit this early in a child’s life with a Pediatric dentist in Grand Prairie TX will provide a child with exposure to a dental office.

The dentist can perform a thorough examination of the child’s gums and spacing of the teeth. As a child continues to grow, the dentist will be able to identify if early intervention is needed with the spacing of the teeth.


Orthodontic work and an entire set of braces can be avoided with early intervention of a Pediatric dentist in Grand Prairie TX. A dentist can help to guide the teeth into the proper position and create more room in the gums if the teeth appear to be crowded. This can save a parent thousands of dollars in orthodontic work in the future.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can affect children as early as their teenage years. Regular cleanings and examinations by a dentist will provide early detection of gum disease and begin preventative and intervening treatments. Gum disease that’s left untreated over time can result in the loss of the affected teeth.

Mouth Guard For Sports

If a child or adult is participating in any type of contact sport, it is highly recommended they obtain a mouth guard to protect their teeth. The dentist can help every member of the family with a great fitting mouthpiece that will keep their teeth safe during a variety of activities.

Other Services A Pediatric Dentist Can Provide

A pediatric dentist who also does family dentistry can treat the entire family with regular dental examinations and cleanings, implants, whitening, veneers, bridges, crowns, dentures and many other treatments for a healthy smile. A healthy smile isn’t just about brushing and flossing. Repair or replacement of chipped, stained, or missing teeth can improve an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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