A Residential Plumbing Contractor in Chula Vista, CA Provides Service for Home Additions

Sometimes, homeowners decide that they would benefit from constructing an additional bathroom for their home. They may have a growing family, or have frequent overnight guests. When a homeowner wants to construct an additional bathroom or other room that requires a water supply,  a residential plumbing contractor in Chula Vista, CA is necessary. 

A homeowner may also want to have an entertainment area for gatherings with business associates, friends or relatives. A wet bar may be desirable, and that too will require plumbing. The basic setup includes a faucet and sink, but a dishwasher might be installed too. Another possibility is adding new laundry room onto the house. This is something the household may need if there’s no basement and no other suitable place for a washing machine and dryer.

A major factor in planning for a new addition for a homeowner and a residential plumbing contractor in Chula Vista, CA is the size of the new room. A bathroom that only includes a toilet and sink can be quite small, and still suffice for its purpose. Adding a shower in a small space may be possible, but significantly more square footage is needed to accommodate a bathtub.

These types of additions generally boost the home’s resale value and speed of sale. Although the family may not be thinking about this for a long time, it is a factor to consider when weighing the price of construction and plumbing. An extra bathroom is an especially smart choice. It’s even more advantageous if the home previously had only one bathroom. A homeowner who wants to have an addition built that will require plumbing may contact Pride Plumbing, Inc. to get more information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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