A Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia Dealer Who Cares About the Environment

S.D. Richman Sons is a Philadelphia Scrap Metal Dealer who has been recycling metals since 1901. Scrap metal dealers are some of the first recyclers in this country, even before recycling was fashionable. Re-using metals has always been a practical way to get the most out of metals, which are expensive to mine and refine for use. Metals lend themselves well to recycling if processed correctly. Metals like steel, brass, aluminum, nickel and copper can be melted down, separated from impurities, and made into new products. There needs to be a knowledgeable company who has developed a system of collecting scrap metal and correctly processing it.

Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is one of the metals that S.D. Richman Sons is equipped to collect and process. This company is conveniently located near the interstate at exit 26 going off I-95. The companies location encompasses 20 acres of well organized, convenient scrap metal receiving, processing and recycling facilities. If a customer needs their scrap metal picked up, this company can do that within 24 hours of call. There are multiple sizes of containers for scrap collection and transport. Years of experience and improvements have led to a convenient, fast drop off experience.

Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is one of the best metals for recycling. There is so much of it used in wiring and construction. When new electronics or updated wiring is needed, or a building is torn down, all that copper wiring can be sold as scrap to be recycled. It is important to use a company that is efficient and environmentally responsible. This company should be careful to screen customers to make sure the Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is not stolen.

An environmentally responsible company will comply with all federal, state and local environmental regulations. They will constantly look for new, innovative recycling methods that can reduce waste and prevent pollution. The company’s staff will be well trained and able to answer customer questions about scrap metal processing and environmental concerns. The company used should use policies that reduce the liabilities that can come with transporting Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia. As well as good business and environmental practices, a company needs to give good, fair prices for the metals to be recycled.

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