A Trench-less Sewer Repair Can Make a Damaged Pipe as Good as New

Whenever a plumbing crisis happens, it’s usually at the worst possible moment. Who do you call, and how much will it cost are the most frequently asked questions when needing a plumber right away. Perhaps the sink clogged just before your guests were due to arrive for the party. Maybe the hot water heater quit working as you were trying to get ready for a very important meeting. While these issues may seem overwhelming, there is hope. A licensed professional plumbing contractor can get the emergency under control right away.

While many plumbing issues may occur over the years, one of the scariest scenarios for a home-owner or a commercial business to deal with is a broken sewer line. The thought of digging up the property, removing the damaged pipe and putting in a new one can be overwhelming. The cost alone can bring a person to tears. However, there is a new option that can repair the damage and make the old pipe as good as new, without the vast expense, or the need to extensively tear apart the property. A trench-less sewer repair does not involve major excavation in order to correct what’s wrong. Instead, a cured-in-place method is used, which basically creates a new pipe inside of the damaged one.

When doing a trench-less sewer repair the line must first be thoroughly cleaned using a hydro-jetting procedure. This is a process that harnesses the power of high pressure water to remove any blockages, along with built up dirt, debris, grease and any roots that may have invaded the line. Once the line is clean, an epoxy barrier coating is applied inside of the damaged pipe, essentially creating a solid lining that is as strong and durable as the original pipe was when it was new. This new lining is smooth, seamless and sturdy enough to keep out roots, while not allowing any new calcification to occur in the line. The entire process can be done above the surface. For more information regarding the trench-less system, please visit Qualityplumbingboi.net.

Sewer line repairs and general plumbing emergencies no longer need to be scary. Unlike in the past, today’s plumbing contractors have innovative technology that makes repairs easier and more economical to do. Don’t hesitate to call when an emergency strikes, since the faster it’s attended to, the quicker everything can return to normal again.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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