A Truck Accident Attorney in Tucson, AZ, Knows Common Reasons for Collisions

A commercial truck accident attorney in Tucson, AZ, knows the various reasons for big rig drivers causing collisions with passenger vehicles. Although most professional over-the-road drivers focus on very safe behavior, some occasionally behave in hazardous ways while on the job. They may use mind-altering substances and struggle with sleep problems.

Stimulant Use

Some truckers misuse amphetamines they buy illegally. Prescription stimulants have become relatively easy to obtain since so many people take them for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. When used by people who don’t need them for a physical disorder, the effects can lead to impulsiveness, poor decision-making, and aggressive behavior behind the wheel.

Drinking Alcohol

Over-the-road truck drivers also may indulge in drinking alcohol after a shift. They may need sleep but still feel too wired from caffeine or other stimulants. Some drink because of feeling bored during their off-hours in an unfamiliar location with nobody they know. Being hungover the next day can reduce reaction time, which could lead to a collision. A professional commercial truck accident attorney in Tucson, AZ, represents clients who have been seriously injured in these incidents.

Sleep Deprivation and Irregular Scheduling

Although federal laws now require electronic logbooks so drivers cannot under-report their actual work hours, many truckers still struggle with sleep issues. They may have to drive overnight sometimes and sleep during the day, then switch back to a more normal schedule again. Worrying about making a pickup or delivery on time can keep a person tossing and turning in the cab.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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