AC Repairs in Fort Myers and Keeping Your Cool

Florida can be especially unforgiving when it comes to heat and humidity. As a matter of fact Floridians are no strangers to hot and humid days that occur all year long. There are very few cold days in this state, so AC Repairs in Fort Myers is on the list of nearly every homeowner’s services. If you live in Fort Myers, Florida and you want to keep your cool all year long, you need to understand how these services help you do that.

1) Maintenance

Air conditioning repair service providers do more than just make repair service calls to your home. They can also help with maintenance of any kind of air conditioning system. Maintaining your system helps protect it from future major repairs. While there isn’t much you can do about water damage from flooding or damage from lightning, you can prevent the issues that come up from the normal use of any system. Since Florida air conditioning systems get such a workout throughout the year, it’s smart to have your system checked a couple of times a year.

2) Repairs

Repairs on air conditioning units should not cost more than the unit is worth. You should also be watchful of a system that requires a lot of repair work as it may need to be replaced instead. Air conditioning technicians will come out, evaluate, diagnose, and make approved repairs on your system as needed. They may also make recommendations about upgrades and offer you suggestions on how to save money on your energy costs relating to your system.

3) Cleaning

Cleaning your system helps keep it functioning properly, energy efficient, and improves your indoor air quality. The unit’s evaporator coils are vulnerable to dust, dirt, moisture, and pollen. A professional cleaning of your coils increases the efficiency, longevity, and operation of your system. Air duct cleaning is part of a full system cleaning and will improve your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Cleaning is also an important part of protecting your family from allergens, disease, and contaminants.

These are some of the services you can expect from Eco Air of Southwest Florida. These professional technicians can also recommend and install new systems or replacement systems so you can keep your cool in the hot Florida temperatures. Whether you are experiencing problems with your AC, need a tuneup or a cleaning, call the pros for an estimate.


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