Acne Treatment Plan by Dermatology in Fairfax County VA

There are various ways of treating acne according to dermatology, and the selection is done on the bases of patient’s skin. In Fairfax County VA there are many dermatologists who offer their services, and their practice involves following treatments:

Topical treatment

This depends on a home care treatment that involves topical treatment as given:

Exfoliation: This is done through various ways, including acids known as alpha hydroxyl, and they treat the skin by opening the clogged pores.

Clay masques: This is very common home remedy, as it removes oil from the skin, and same results can be obtained through sulfur masque.

Benzoyl: This is used to kill bacteria, and it includes a toner or a face wash as well. As it reaches deeper into the skin pores, hence it’s very useful.

Retin-A: It also helps to remove acne, moreover an antibiotic cream is also recommended by the doctor to kill bacteria.

Whereas according to dermatology, hydroquinone should be used for a dark skin, as, it removes the blemishes. People in Fairfax County VA can find good doctors to treat their acne issues.

Oral treatment: This includes antibiotics which kill bacteria present in the blood. This is recommended by the specialist if the topical treatment fails to treat extensive acne, especially when it develops on the back area. If the situation gets worse spironolactone and isotretinoin is recommended.

In-Office Treatment

This is provided in a doctor’s office and it proves to be very effective, and it includes:

Peels: This is done through some chemicals, which are applied to the skin. This normally consists of six sittings at an interval of 3 to 4 weeks. Beta hydroxy acid is commonly used for this purpose, as the doctors find it good. A peeling process removes oil, and makes the dead skin cells loose.

Cryotherapy: This is another peel that is good for severe condition, and it involves cold temperatures that reduce inflammation, killing bacteria. This is not only very effective, instead it is less time consuming, as only five minutes are enough.

Dermasound: This is another way of exfoliation being given by salicylic acid.

Therapy: This is also known as PDT i.e. Photodynamic Therapy, it reduces inflammation and it has no side effects. Mostly, this treatment works in replacement of accutane, which is also harmless.


To go far any treatment you first have to consult a dermatologist, who can better advice you. There are also many home remedies adopted by various people especially women do this a lot. But, always check your skin before doing anything, as otherwise a wrong material may worsen the condition. Some women use too many creams by mixing them being just recommended by a fake beautician. Most of the patients visit a doctor after such mistakes, and they have to get a laser treatment as a final solution. Hence don’t take dermatology as a joke, and consult your doctor in Fairfax County VA to get your acne removed forever. All these steps can help you deal with the issue. Tamjidi Skin Institute offers acne treatment for mild, moderate, and severe acne cases.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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