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Affordable Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ: Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

In places where termites have been known to cause problems, building contractors may want to schedule pre-construction termite treatment before they begin a project. Technicians providing affordable pest control in Phoenix AZ, can complete the work that prevents termite infestations.

The Top Urban Pest

Because of the region’s hot climate with no freezing temperatures during the winter, termites thrive here. They are considered the top urban pest in this area, causing enormous costs to property owners every year as the bugs secretively destroy interior parts of wooden structures.

According to Arizona state law, contractors and property owners can only market the new building as having termite pre-construction treatment if the work was completed by a licensed pest control service.

Creating a Barrier

Technicians with a service providing affordable pest control in Phoenix, AZ, essentially create a barrier using insecticide that blocks entry by these bugs to wood structures. The barrier is applied to the soil and substrate before the concrete is poured. Many people don’t realize that termites can get through cracks and tiny holes that develop in concrete. Builders qualify for a warranty against termite infestations if they have this pre-construction treatment completed.

Additional Pre-Construction Treatment

This pest control method also should be done before other concrete structures are poured, such as a patio or sidewalk. After the installation of landscaping and a sprinkler system, pest control technicians can treat the perimeter of the property to deter termite invasions. Property owners will want to schedule further service as recommended in the future.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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