Air Conditioning Contractors For Maintenance In Harford County, MD

When you have an air conditioning unit installed at home, your comfort level is definitely enhanced. However, if you want to sustain your comfort for a long duration, you need to do much more than just having an air conditioner installed. You should be aware of basic operation and maintenance rules. Good air conditioning contractors of Harford County, MD tell you about the proper ways of operation and maintenance when they install the system at your home or office. You should always make it a point to have all your doubts clarified so that you know precisely how to take care of your cooling unit. Here are three important operation and maintenance tips.

Clean the filters

There is a difference between air coolers and air conditioners. Air coolers just cool the air whereas air conditioners condition the air by blocking all the fine dust particles. So, you get to breathe cleaner air. The filters which are present in the air conditioners unit bear the brunt of all the dust particles and with time, they get blocked, thereby reducing the efficiency of the unit. The filter needs to be removed from the air conditioner and completely cleaned. Wash it thoroughly under running water and clean minutely with a toothbrush. Allow it to dry before replacing the filter in the air conditioner. At the time of installation, you can ask the technician about removing and replacing filters.

Cleaning the coils

Air conditioning units have two kinds of coils – evaporator coil and condenser coil. When the coils become caked with dust, the efficiency of the air conditioning unit reduces. So, you need to clean both these coils before summer because that is when the air conditioner is used the most. If you use the unit all round the year, the coils should be cleaned every couple of months. People who live in dusty areas should clean once a month. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get the coils completely clean. In some cases, the coil fins get bent. Make sure that you straighten the fins using a fin comb. These combs are easily available in hardware stores. Be very careful while cleaning the fins because they are made with light gauge aluminum and tend to be delicate.

Operate at optimum temperatures

In order to save money on your energy bill and to keep the unit functioning optimally for long duration, make sure that you choose just the right temperature for cooling. Setting your air conditioner temperature slightly below the room temperature keeps you comfortable. Do not reduce the temperature too much because it increases the burden on the machine, apart from consuming more energy for cooling.

Simple maintenance and operation tips can help you enjoy comfortable cooling for long durations. If there are major repairs, call airconditioning contractors in Harford County, MD to get the repairs done at the earliest.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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