Altemp Mechanical is the Source for Make Up Air in St. Paul, MN

Altemp Mechanical Inc. is the “go to” company in the St. Paul, MN area for all commercial, hospitality and residential HVAC services. In business since 1995, they have an extensive list of services for air conditioning systems. One of the critical services that Altemp supplies is the Make Up Air in St. Paul, MN. When an exhaust fan pulls air out of the building, in a restaurant kitchen for example, the air has to be made up or replaced.

Altemp Mechanical provides many services that are required by businesses large and small, and they also serve residential needs. Maintenance programs are valuable for HVAC systems, and the knowledgeable and experienced technicians carry an extensive inventory of parts in their service trucks that make any required service discovered during routine maintenance quick and easy to repair. A preventative maintenance program can be customized that fits your budget and equipment, and all work meets OEM specifications.

Routine maintenance services that are planned into your budget will result in better cost control, extend the life of your equipment, reduce energy cost and food waste. The experienced technicians will identify any areas of concern and advise your staff members on proper usage, required daily maintenance, and the overall condition of your equipment. Preventative maintenance programs, inspections and tune-ups mean that your HVAC/R systems and appliances will function when you’ll have the most need for them. When a preventative maintenance program has been performed on your systems, we will have an understanding of how they. If they develop a problem, we will provide same day repair service when needed.

The residential HVAC services offered by Make Up Air in St. Paul, MN are:

*     A/C Services, Sales, Repair and Installation

*     Furnace Services,Sales, Repair and Installation

*     Residential Furnace, Sales, Repair and Installation

*     Energy Efficiency Services and Recommendations

*     Ductless Air Conditioners

*     Heat Pump Repair and Installation

*     Air Exchanger Repair and Installation

*     Inspections by Licensed Professionals

*     Thermostat Operation Test

*     Furnace Ignition System Test

*     Combustion Check

*     Blower Operation Test

*     Filter Inspection/Replacements

*     Inspect and Clean Electrostatic Filters

*     Exhaust Vent System Analysis

*     Ductwork Inspection

*     Supply Air System Check

*     Carbon Monoxide Detector Check

The inspections by licensed professional are recommended bi-annually for homeowners. The professional technicians will clean, inspect, and tune up your A/C or heating systems. This maintenance program helps to increase the efficiency of your systems, extend their life, make them safer, and avoid costly repairs.


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