Alternatives in Dentures Temecula Patients May Consider

When a person has one or more teeth missing from their mouth, the remaining teeth may begin to shift and bone loss begins to happen. There are a number of options to replace missing teeth. If only one tooth is missing, an implant may be a good option to help a patient maintain their bone structure and alignment of the rest of their teeth. However, when there are more teeth missing than there are remaining teeth, a denture is often a better choice. When considering dentures Temecula patients can choose from partial, complete or overdentures.

Partial dentures are one of the best options for filling in several missing spaces in the mouth. A partial denture is held in place by the remaining teeth. Before ordering a partial denture, the dentist will examine the patient to determine why they are missing teeth and develop a plan to prevent the loss of the other teeth. Partials look like natural teeth and are attached to a gum colored base.

Full dentures are the preferred method of replacing teeth when all of the upper or lower teeth are missing. Before getting full dentures Temecula dental patients must decide whether they want immediate or conventional dentures. Both types of dentures have benefits and disadvantages. Immediate dentures can be used as soon as the teeth are removed but need frequent adjustments while the mouth heals and the gums shrink. Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been removed. They need fewer adjustments but the patient is without teeth for up to 12 weeks while custom-fitted dentures are made.

A third option is overdentures. Overdentures use dental implants to hold the denture in place. With the help of implants, a patient without natural teeth can retain some of their bone structure and reduce the facial sagging that is characteristic of patients with traditional dentures.

Anyone who is considering dentures in Temecula should consult with a qualified dentist to find the best option for them. Dentures can improve a person’s appearance and enable them to eat foods that they were previously unable to chew, enhancing their quality of life.

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