An Air Conditioning Checkup by Air Conditioning in Portland Will Save You Trouble in the Summer

The air conditioning system is likely to fail on the warmest day of the season. This is not a cruel statement by Mother Nature, but rather an indicator of how much stress the climate places on the system. Having an air conditioning checkup before the season begins will find potential trouble areas that can be fixed early and probably with less cost. Additionally, you will establish a relationship with a service company. This means if they know your system, it will cost less to diagnose any problem. Preventative maintenance will always pay dividends. Air conditioning in Portland can handle this checkup.

The air conditioning system has more parts than any other system in the home. This means there are more parts that can wear out or fail. However, if the obvious problems are corrected during the checkup, then you will save money and prevent a problem in the summer. A good maintenance plan will include checking the important parts such as the coils, the motor and the Freon level. If the Freon level is low, this may indicate a leak somewhere in the system and it would be useful to find the leak before the cooling season begins. If the wiring insulation is worn, then it should be replaced at the checkup by Air conditioning in Portland.

The fins should be cleaned and dirty coils should be cleaned. Dirty coils and fins will block the cooling capacity of the unit. These parts are on the outside of the house. Included is the motor which should be lifted out and checked as well as the housing cleaned. The fan probably needs cleaning so the time to do it is at the checkup. The following are additional checks that are made by Air conditioning in Portland:

  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • and measure the current and the voltage on motors.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Check and inspect the condensate drain
  • If it is plugged it can result in water damage in the house.
  • Check the starting cycle to be sure it starts and shuts off at the proper times.

A lose wire or a connection that is not tight could cause a problem resulting in damage to a part or an increase in the electricity usage. Visit website for more


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