An Oil Delivery Service Can Provide More than Just Home Heating Oil in Branford

Companies that sell home heating oil in Branford do more than just deliver the fuel. They also offer service plans to keep your furnace or boiler working well all season long, provide new oil burners and boilers, and even have baseboard radiators available. Here are some of the services you can expect from East River Energy and similar oil providers:

Fuel Oil

This, of course, is the signature product of heating oil companies. You can have your tank filled up on a one-time basis or topped off according to a schedule. Often, an oil user will have the tank filled at the beginning of the season and then go for top-offs during the rest of the months. If the oil happens to run out during the summer or at another unexpected time, you can call for an extra fill-up. Advanced fuel delivery systems predict oil need based on degree days. This helps to eliminate the risk of unexpectedly running out of fuel.


Maintenance and repairs are important for keeping oil burners and boilers running both safely and efficiently. Your oil delivery company should be able to offer these types of services for your systems. Service plans allow for scheduled maintenance, while day and night availability make it easy to get repairs done quickly.

New Equipment

New oil-burning equipment is something that isn’t offered by every provider of home heating oil in Branford. A company that can provide it is therefore a step above the rest. The equipment sold by such companies includes new oil burning furnaces, boilers, and modern baseboard radiators. Hot water heaters and safety controls are also available.

Companies that offer all of these services and equipment options are far more modern than the oil delivery firms of old. Old-fashioned companies typically only offer the delivery of the oil itself, and this leaves you on your own for your equipment maintenance, repair, and upgrade needs. Being able to take care of all of the needs related to oil-burning equipment by dealing with one company makes your life easier and saves you from having to hunt for individual providers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sign up with a multi-service company whenever you can.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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