ANSI Clothing for the Job Site

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Safety Devices

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Whether you work in construction or in traffic safety, each time you are on the job site, you are placing yourself at risk. If you work specifically in road construction, being visible is of the utmost importance. An essential item in these situations is ANSI clothing. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, and they provide regulations on safety in the workplace. They developed ANSI clothing with construction and traffic safety workers in mind.

ANSI clothing provides the ability to be seen both day and night. Depending on your job function, there are different classes of ANSI standard clothing. Class 1 is for those who work in an environment in which traffic does not exceed 25 mph, and there is enough space between the job site and traffic. In this case, the clothing should be fairly conspicuous with reflective bands that are more than 25mm wide. Typical job functions that use this class of ANSI clothing are parking attendants or shopping cart retrievers.

The next class of ANSI clothing is class 2. This class is for those who work near areas in which traffic exceeds 25 mph and who need to be seen in inclement weather situations. In this case, the clothing should be more conspicuous than class 1, and the reflective bands should be greater than 35mm wide. People who may wear class 2 ANSI clothing include school crossing guards, airport personnel and law enforcement personnel who may need to direct traffic.

The third class of ANSI clothing is worn in areas in which traffic exceeds 50 mph and where you must be seen in all kinds of weather conditions. This class provides superior visibility, higher than the previous classes. The clothing must have sleeves, and the reflective bands must be at least 50mm wide. You will see roadway construction workers, utility workers and survey crews use this class of ANSI clothing.

No matter what your need, you can find ANSI clothing for each of these classes at ViewBrite Safety Products. Whether you need a vest, shirt, jacket or complete rain suit, you can find everything you need in this one location. Once you are equipped with the appropriate safety attire from ViewBrite Safety Products, you can breath easier on the job site.

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