Answers To Your Questions When You Need To Find An Office Trailer In Long Island

Renting a mobile office trailer is a smart choice for many companies who need a temporary office solution. When you need to Find an Office Trailer In Long Island, you may have questions about this type of service. Some of the most commonly asked questions about mobile offices are answered below.

Q.) What sizes of office trailers are available for rent?

A.) Since everyone’s needs are different, there’s a variety of trailer sizes available that you can choose from. Small units are available as well as double wide trailers. You can choose from several conveniences for your trailer including a bathroom, carpeting, an air conditioner, desks, tables and even separate office spaces. If you have a special requirement, you can have your office trailer customized to your liking. You are welcome to view the trailers at any time to help you choose the size you need.

Q.) What are the requirements for the trailer set up?

A.) A flatbed truck will bring your mobile office building to the site for you and unload it. The ground where the trailer is unloaded must be level, so you’ll have the responsibility of ensuring that your trailer spot is ready when the flatbed arrives.

Q.) Can I purchase an office trailer instead of renting one when I Find an Office Trailer In Long Island?

A.) If you’ll need the use of your office trailer for a long time, you do have the option of buying instead of renting one. The trailer will be transported to your site and set up for you. In the future, if you don’t need your trailer any longer, the company can buy it back from you at the current market price.

Q.) Do the mobile office buildings come with locks or any type of security system?

A.) The door handles are made so that you can install your own padlocks. If you want added protection from theft, you can have a tamper proof lock box installed on your unit.

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