Are Wholesale Fashion Rings Really Jewelry?

Not so long ago, the likes of you and I made all our purchases from retail shops and what we purchased had been previously bought by the shop owner from someone called a wholesaler. Manufacturers made “stuff” then sold it in volume to wholesalers who held stocks and sold on the manufacturers’ goods to the retail stores. Naturally, if something left a factory at (say) $10; the wholesaler might charge the retailer $15; who would then sell it to us at (say) $30. Whatever the figures, we basically accepted the system and there was something of an illicit thrill to be had if “we knew someone who knows someone else” who could get us access to wholesale prices for only a single piece (even better if we could get “factory” price).

We May Earn More Today But We Now Demand Wholesale (or lower) Prices

Maybe it started with mail order catalogues; or possibly with TV shopping channels? But, for sure, we all have a desire to “cut out the middle men” and “buy direct”. The popularity of on line shopping is the latest manifestation of this trend. So; if someone is offering us wholesale fashion rings on line, we immediately expect their rings to cost less than those in the shops.

We All Like Pretty Things

Jewelry used to imply a decorative piece made from precious metals such as gold and, often, further decorated with precious stones like diamonds or rubies, etc. In other words, jewellery was the preserve of the rich, well to do people. The rest of us did not agree with this and wanted jewellery of our own; imitation jewellery and the use of semi-precious stones and, later, manufactured, artificial stones provided us with nice looking pieces that anyone could admire and wear without spending a fortune. Affordable jewellery also meant that the wearer could use it anywhere, anyplace without too much worry about the consequences of loss or theft. Costume jewellery grew out of this to a point where the appearance almost became more important than the cost of buying it – OK, your fashion ring may not be unique but neither did it cost you a fortune. With so many people wearing them, fashion rings have to be considered as affordable jewelry; especially when we can buy wholesale fashion rings.

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