Arrested? Call a Defense Attorney Immediately for Help

Being arrested for a serious crime is a frightening experience. The police can interrupt a peaceful night at home or arrest someone in their favorite restaurant. The second scenario makes it very embarrassing as well. Although the police have to show that they have proof for an arrest warrant, mistakes do happen and innocent people do get arrested. However, many people will assume that the person is guilty regardless of the trial verdict.

It’s very important that the arrested person hire one of the best Criminal Lawyers Norwich CTto handle their case. They have a right to contact an attorney the minute they are arrested. Police will try to convince them that things will go easier, if they talk to them without a lawyer.

They’ll argue that they can then tell the judge that they cooperated. The defendant has to realize that the police are skilled interrogators. The courts have even ruled that they can lie to a person they are questioning. They’ll tell them or imply that they have evidence that they don’t have. Defense attorneys, such as those that work at the Law Office of Peter Catania, will know how to handle these claims. Often the police will arrest people late at night or on weekends.

They hope the person won’t have a lawyer available then. Defense attorneys know this. Defendants can call them 24 hours a day, even on Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday. They will remind their client to say nothing to the police until they arrive. If the client is formally charged and fingerprinted, they’ll represent them at the bail hearing. Often they can save their client by convincing the judge to lower the bail amount or even grant their freedom on personal recognizance.

Defense attorneys will interview all of the police to make sure that the proper process was used. If the proper warrants weren’t obtained, they can get evidence excluded. Investigators that work for the defense team will look for evidence that the police may not have found or excluded as not being important. The lawyer might make the case to the District Attorney that the charges should be dropped or reduced.

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