Ask Your Electrical Company in Keizer OR Why You Need an Uninterrupted Power Supply

When you lose power to your home, you are likely to feel inconvenienced, yet you aren’t going to panic as you can do other things to occupy your time. When you are a business owner, however, the loss of power may be a crisis, as any downtime can lead to a loss of income or customers choosing to take their business elsewhere. To prevent this from happening, and also to ensure you don’t suffer a loss of date due to a power failure or power disturbance , you may wish to look into obtaining an uninterrupted power supply, available through an Electrical company in Keizer OR. Here are some common problems which may lead to a loss of data or complete loss of power, either of which can hurt your business.

  • A blackout occurs when the main power supply goes down. This has a devastating effect on every part of your business. Remember when New York City suffered a blackout a few years ago. The city basically came to a halt. An uninterrupted power supply prevents this from happening to your business, albeit on a much smaller scale.
  • Brownouts occur when the main power supply experiences an overload, leading to a voltage drop.
  • Noise can be a problem for businesses when it comes through the power supply. This noise may come from many sources and typically leads to computers freezing up. In addition, noise puts your equipment at risk of early electrical component failure.
  • Sags take place when you turn a large load on and the main power supply drops. Computer systems often need to reboot in this situation.
  • Spikes are rapid voltage changes which tend to be very short, yet can lead to the corruption of software or hardware damage.
  • Surges take place when a substation swaps a load or a large load is turned off, leading to the computer system failing or corrupted files.

Speak to Safety Electric Inc., an Electrical Keizer OR company, to discuss whether or not you need an uninterrupted power supply. Most businesses do, as they cannot afford the down time. The technicians at Safety Electric Inc. will be happy to discuss the various options available to you, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Don’t risk your business by failing to consider options such as this, as an uninterrupted power supply may give you an edge over your competitors.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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