Auto Insurance and Collision Repair San Marcos

The increasing number of vehicles on the roadways today, along with the added distraction of cell phones can pose a greater risk for accidents to happen. When a fender bender occurs or an accident that will cause a vehicle to need repair, the owners will typically contact their insurance companies to help gets the Collision Repair San Marcos ball rolling. If the damage is minor, many people will choose to settle things on their own without the insurance company getting involved.

Whether paying for repairs out of pocket or through the insurance company, to ensure that quality repairs are performed, seek recommendations from the dealership; that is if the dealership is not able to perform the work themselves. A dealer’s recommendation is typically a good one, as this is the repair shop that they themselves typically send their work to for collision repair. Often times these shops are certified by the dealership or manufacture to perform the repairs to meet their quality requirement.

Automobile insurance coverage may include a replacement vehicle while repairs are being made to the damaged vehicle. This should be verified with the insurance company prior to obtaining a loaner or rental vehicle. It is also wise to get an estimate of how long the repairs will take and ensure that the automobile policy will cover the loaner or rental for the duration for the repairs. Otherwise, the vehicle owner may incur some unexpected expense, which can add stress to an already stressful situation.

When the collision repairs are being made on the vehicle, it is important to keep abreast of the actual cost of the repairs. Keep in mind that the amount of the claim first given by the insurance company for the repair is an estimate of the value of the repairs, based on an appraisal performed by their qualified appraiser. The actual cost of the repair however, is usually determined by the repair shop during the repair process. For example, the auto body repair San Marcos shop may discover other damages that may not have otherwise be identified, except when the actual repairs are being done.

When having collision work performed, it is important that the vehicle owner stay in close contact with both the insurance company and the collision repair shop during the entire process, in order to ensure the quality of the repairs being made and the cost of the repairs are appropriately covered by the insurance company.

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