Avoiding Issues With Landscape Contractors

Property managers may find it a challenge to work with some landscaping services. Often these are landscapers with limited experience and lack of a detailed contract that outlines the services that will be provided.

Top landscape contractors are also proactive about checking in with their clients. They will often schedule a phone call or a meeting at specific periods in the service to make sure all aspects of the property are being maintained to the satisfaction of the property manager.

However, to prevent these potential areas of conflict and to ensure that the property is being correctly maintained, here are the basics that the property manager should consider or ask about before choosing from the short list of landscape contractors

Early Communication About Concerns

Talking to the landscaper and asking about how issues of concern should be addressed can provide clear insight into the customer service and responsiveness expected. Most contractors encourage a call, email or text message as early as possible if the property manager has any concerns or questions about the maintenance or upkeep of the property.

Regular Reviews

When possible and as required, consider booking a meeting with the landscape contractor to review the current services provided and make any necessary changes. With top landscape contractors where there is full communication and discussion of issues, this can be relatively informal.

If there are unaddressed issues a more formal meeting or even a walk through the property to point out specific areas of concern may be necessary. Document concerns with photos and ask for a written response as to how the landscaper will address the problems.

Clear Expectation Based on the Contract

It is important to understand what is contained in the contract. Take the time to read the contract before signing to ensure there are very clear and precise terms as to the responsibilities of the landscaper during planting as well as for ongoing maintenance.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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