Baldor Durable Cooling Tower Motors in the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana Areas

A cooling tower is a heat-exchanger device designed to reject waste heat to outside air by cooling a stream of water. A tower can either cool the water or working fluid through evaporation or, in the case of a closed-circuit system, by air cooling it. Cooling towers are common applications for chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, thermal and nuclear power stations, and HVAC.

Cooling Tower Motors

Cooling tower motors run the cooling tower’s fans and are designed to function in very high percentages of humidity. They also feature such additional measures to withstand conditions as coatings against corrosion and special seals to keep water out and protect bearings. They’re also designed to work in any orientation.

Baldor Cooling Tower Motors

A Baldor cooling tower motor in Texas is powered by the RPM AC synchronous permanent-magnet motor with a laminated finned framework for high efficiency and power density. Its flange mounting makes it a replacement for conventional jackshaft and right-angle gearbox installations. Its foot-mounted configuration also replaces belt and sheave applications for vertical mounting. As a derivative of highly durable foregoing platforms, the RPM AC motor is well designed to withstand heat and humidity.

Advantages of the Baldor cooling tower motor in Texas include:

  • Higher efficiency and performance
  • Optimal efficiency at variable speeds
  • Motor protection against water with Inpro/Seal shaft seal
  • Quieter than conventional gearbox/motor systems
  • Easy building-automation interfacing
  • Fewer mechanical components, resulting in higher reliability
  • Gearbox footprint, allowing for simplified retrofit or installation

For more information contact a qualified distributor of the Baldor cooling tower motor in Texas and power transmission equipment and industrial motors in the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana areas.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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