Bat Removal Just One of the Services Offered by Pest Control Specialists in Columbus OH

Hearing bats mentioned in a conversation causes most people to shudder. Logically we know they are not the supernatural creatures we see in movies and on television, but Bram Stoker’s novel did nothing to advance the cause of bats. From studying bats in school it is obvious that they have their place in nature. They eat insects and that is beneficial to the ecosystem. But we have to face facts; bats are just creepy. They are not cute or cuddly. Bats look like rats with wings, not to mention they carry parasites and can spread disease. This is definitely not an animal you want to find in your home.

But what should you do if a bat does gain entrance to your home? Screaming would probably be your first impulse or maybe chasing the bat with a broom. The best solution would be to call a professional pest service experienced in bat removal Columbus OH. The first order of business is to trap the bat and get it out of the house. This is done in a humane manner and the bat will be relocated far from your home. Next the technician will make sure there are no more bats in the house and determine where it got in. Hopefully this is an isolated incident. If the technician finds your attic is home to a colony of bats, this is a very serious situation that needs to be taken care of immediately. Leptosporosis and rabies are just two of the many diseases bats carry. They also can be infested with fleas, ticks, and mites. Bat feces, also called guano, has a terrible odor. The technicians will clean the affected areas to make sure the odor is removed and block any entrances to your home to prevent future occurrences.

Bat Removal Columbus OH is not the only pest control service provided. Their technicians will treat residential and commercial properties for insects. The sprays used are eco-friendly and not harmful to children or pets. They can be safely used in restaurants and other food handling operations. Don’t put up with wildlife or insects invading your home or place of business. To get rid of annoying and dangerous pests, visit The Wildlife Control Company, Inc.

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