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When you are trying to find help with your immigration to the United States of America, hiring an experienced law firm like Bell Law Office can be extremely helpful. The process of moving to the United States as a legal citizen can multiple steps and can be very challenging, so having skilled guidance about moving through these steps is important in getting the process done fast and effectively. Your attorney will first work with you to get your temporary visa and will then help you to secure your permanent visa.

Generally, visitors to the United States find it easy to stay here for around a month, but when you want to extend your visit longer or make it permanent it becomes a challenge. Your temporary visa, that document which will allow you to stay in the US past the initial month, is something that your lawyer will help you secure. This is a critical first step in your immigration process. Once you have that temporary visa you will be able to get a job here, test for your drivers license, and apply for leases at apartments or homes.

Your permanent visa is much more involved, and the immigration attorney Cincinnati OH will be working with you closely as you prepare to get this document. You will need to take immigration classes, and your attorney will help you find the classes in your area. These tests will quiz you on the essentials of US citizenship such as the English language, the US government, and the history of the United States. You will be able to take practice tests in your immigration class ahead of time to help you get properly prepared for the tests.

The final interview is the last part of your immigration process. Even though you will have already amply demonstrated your candidacy for citizenship through testing at this point, you still need to show your immigration interviewer how important this citizenship is to you. The attorneys like the ones at Bell Law Office will help you with all steps of immigrating to the United States, including accompanying you through the critical interview process.


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