Benefits of Having a Company that Handles AC repairs in Bradenton, FL Perform Yearly System Maintenance

Making sure an air cooling system in a home is in good repair before summer each year, is a task most homeowners need to spend time thinking about as the winter months start to end. Most cooling systems are designed to last a number of years, provided they are kept in good repair. To do this, it is generally necessary for a homeowner to contact a company who handles ac repairs in Bradenton FL to inspect and perform maintenance on the unit each year. By doing this prior to the start of summer, a homeowner can often find it much easier to schedule an appointment and in many cases, it can be less expensive than later in the year.

Since air conditioners tend to collect a great deal of dirt and other matter during the course of a year, most repair professionals will need to spend time cleaning the system first. Most units are split level systems, which means there is a unit inside the home and another located outside. Both of these units will need to be cleaned.

The unit found outside contains the compressor and condenser components of the system. Because this unit is outside, it will tend to collect a lot of large debris in the housing unit, such as branches, leaves, grass cuttings, trash and other items. These will need to be cleared out by a professional who handles ac repairs in Bradenton FL. Often, the housing will need to be removed so some of this debris can be removed as well.

Once the housing is removed, the coils on the unit will be exposed. These components can become covered with dirt and this can prevent air from circulating, as it should. The technician may vacuum the coils or if they are particularly dirty, he or she may use a water hose with high-pressure nozzle to clean the dirt from the coils. Sometimes a special coil cleaner may be used as well.

The fins on the unit are generally constructed of aluminum and they can collect dirt as well. These will need to be cleaned using a dry, soft brush. If any fins have become bent or misshaped, the technician will need to fix these areas. Often fins can be straightened using a fin comb designed specifically for this purpose.

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