Benefits Of Having Dental Implants Installed in York, PA

by | May 15, 2013 | Dentistry

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Dental Implants York PA are metallic root used to replace the root of a damaged or missing tooth. The artificial root attaches to implants that have the same look and use as your natural teeth. Dental implants are considered one of the most stable and long-term solutions for replacing missing teeth. They are highly recommended to patients by dental professionals because of their cosmetic and health related benefits.

Cosmetic Benefits

Since your smile is one of the first things that other people recognize about you, it’s important that you keep it looking its best. Of course, regular brushing and flossing coupled with regular visits to your dentist should do the trick, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Patients who deal with missing teeth or damaged teeth need a greater intervention. The installation of dental implants help to restore smiles for patients in these situations. Cosmetic benefits include:

Better speech. Patients who have several missing teeth often have speech difficulties, such as slurred words. With dental implants, speech is improved and more clear.

Better quality of life. Implants help to boost the confidence of individuals who suffer from poor smiles. With greater confidence they are able to engage in more social interaction and lead more fulfilled and exciting lives.

Stronger facial integrity. Commonly people who are missing teeth have a “caved in” look around the jaw area. With implants the facial muscles are restored, revealing a more youth-like appearance.

Health Related Benefits

Another benefit of Dental Implants York PA are the health related benefits they provide patients. Very few people realize that the health of their mouth, teeth and gums is vital to their overall health. Health related benefits include:

Preservation of existing healthy teeth. Unlike other replacement options, your existing teeth are preserved. They aren’t required to be filed down or trimmed in order to make way for the dental implant. This allows any existing healthy teeth to remain in that condition.

Reduce the risk of bone loss. Since the implants are fused into the jaw over time, they provide the facial structure with support, reducing the risk of gum recession and bone loss.

Prevents the risk of TMJ disorder. Promptly replacing any missing teeth is key to preventing Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ, which occurs as a result of shifting teeth. By filling these spaces with implants, the risk of the disorder is greatly diminished.

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