Benefits of Using a Glass Ash Catcher

Using a glass ash catcher will provide you with a crisper, cooler and cleaner smoke. The ash catcher works in a similar manner as the percolator and will prevent the ash from falling into your bong while offering extra bubbles, which will help to cool the smoke prior to inhalation. When you have cooler smoke, it will result in a reduced amount of harsh and bitter smoke. This will result in fewer carcinogens and irritation, which will result in a healthier method for smoking, versus taking a hit from a glass bong that does not use a glass ash catcher.

A carcinogen is a type of cancer causing agent that is found when exposed to smoke. There are many who have the misconception that by smoking something that is natural, it will also be completely healthy. However, these individuals disregard the fact that the smoke can cause damage to your lungs. However, with a glass ash catcher, you can avoid a number of the issues that are present with pipes and bongs that do not have this feature.

The Effect of the Glass Ash Catcher

When you use a glass ash catcher, the cooling effect, in addition to the help of the percolators, will not only reduce the chances of you developing cancer, but it will also help to prevent any type of respiratory system issue that may be caused by harsh smoke. There is no question that smoking a regular bong can be extremely tough on the respiratory system, since there will be not filtration system to help and cool it. When you add an ash catcher to the pipe, it will reduce instances of acute chest pains, phlegm, smokers cough and even lung infections.

This is all the result of the smoke being cooled due to the presence of the ash catcher, which will also reduce the harsh taste that is caused by unfiltered smoke.

Why Use an Ash Catcher?

Generally speaking, when you utilize an ash catcher for your water pipe it will be a small investment in protecting your health. When you use your water bong or other pipe, this accessory will help you to enjoy the experience more, and not have to worry about any type of adverse reactions.

Keep in mind, ash catchers are available in a number of different types. You should consider all of the options that are available so you find the one that is right for you. Doing this will help to enhance your smoking experience, while offering a number of health benefits for smokers. This investment is smart, especially if you are smoking on a regular basis.

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