Beyond The Basics With Business VoIP Providers

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Communications

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Traditional types of business phone systems offer a several different features that are fairly standard but also very useful. These include features such as call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID and voicemail systems. If you have never used a VoIP system then you may think that these basics are all you can expect from the systems offered by business VoIP providers.

This is simply not true as business VoIP providers, because of the technology, are able to provide so much more than just these basics. However, you don’t have to give up any of the features and standard options you have with your old analog phone system, you just get to add more as part of the package.

A really important consideration is that all these standard features, plus all the extras, usually come at a substantial savings to you. This includes both a reduced cost with the service plan as well as a decrease in the cost of operation of the communication systems going forward.

Queuing Systems

One feature that you should consider as very important for your business phone service is a queuing system. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) allows the systems provided by top business VoIP providers to automatically route calls to set phone that are not in use. This means that your customer never gets a busy signal and, if an alternate person is available, they talk to a real person not just a voicemail system.

Another option is to use a virtual queuing system. This provides customers with the option to leave a number if they call a busy line, then the system will automatically return the call when the current call is completed. This avoids keeping customers on hold, which is a big issue for many people.

Online Account Management

Top business VoIP providers allow those with access privileges to manage their account from any internet connected device. This allows you to track usage of the system, access reports and analytics, as well as make changes to the system options with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Look for top business VoIP providers that go beyond the basics in the features that they offer for their VoIP systems. You will be amazed at what is offered and how it can make your life easier, keep your customers happier, and help to reduce your cost of doing business.

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