Book Bindery – Historical and Modern Versions

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Business

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When you need to put your documents together in a concise, efficient manner, it is best to let the professionals do the job. Book bindery is an art that has developed over the years into today’s modern version.

The Beginnings of Bookbinding
The art of bookbinding was practiced long ago. In Egypt, scrolls made of papyrus (a dried plant) were to record historical events. When the scrolls became too large to “scroll through,” they added an additional core, whereby they could scroll from one to the other to see either the beginning or the end of the scroll with less effort. An example would be the Torah. Some can be found in museums today.

Books generally progressed to the stage of having parchment for the pages because they were more convenient, practical, and easier to handle with larger numbers of pages than the scrolls. They numbered and used both sides of the pages to hold more information. The first bindings used folded parchment that was sewn to strong cords or ligaments, bound to boards for protection, and covered with leather. The spines were flat, but eventually evolved into the curved spines we now know.

Today’s Book Binderies
Today’s book bindings are made for durability, long wear, and affordability. The Bielomatik is a German-made automated machine that will spiral wire and create plastic bindings for books with exceptional speed. There are only two of them in the United States with capabilities of binding up to 30 books per minute. This has revolutionized the pace of book binding, and has made it affordable and practical. What a difference from the days of scrolls and parchment!

Projects that Use These Bindings are Unlimited
Any type of printed material in book or booklet form will benefit from the use of the experienced binders at a professional book bindery. Wisconsin residents and those in the central U.S. have come to prefer and use spiral wire and plastic bindings for employee manuals, educational materials, workbooks, recipe books, nature and outdoor manuals, etc. They are long-lasting, attractive, and practical as they can be folded back and laid open for easy viewing.

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