Buyers guide to auto window tinting

One of the first accessory items that many new car buyers opt for is window tinting. This is especially true for those who live in warmer regions where the heat from the sun is something that must be contended with. Often, new car dealers offer tinting as a service, but before you make any decisions at all, it’s important that you fully understand auto window tint in Colleyville, TX.

There are four questions that must be asked and answered:

1. What is the heat deflecting rate of the film? This is a prime time question if you live in the southern states. Auto tints are available with heat protection rates anywhere from 10 to 90%. Most installations are somewhere in the middle range.

The installation of a tint film that gives between 25 and 40% heat protection is ideal for those who live in more temperate climates. The experts who install tint for a living say this is about right where the city temperatures rarely exceed 85 degrees F. This level of protection is sufficient for the summer months but during the cold winter months, it let’s sun in to help warm the car.

If the film is being installed in a car where the outside temperatures often exceed 90 degrees for at least three months of the year, the recommendation is 50%. Film with this rating is a little more expensive, but the benefits are well worth it.

2. What is the aesthetics? When you begin to pay attention to cars with tinted windows, you will quickly notice the wide variety of tints available. Not only will you notice the tints; you will notice differences in their appearance. Some tints appear as if they were applied in the factory, others have an after-market appearance, and some tints have totally deteriorated.

The aesthetics have a lot to do with the price you are willing to pay and the skills of the person applying the film. Top-of-the-line films for an average-size car will cost around $400; a basic film will cost around $150-160. Because of this wide range of prices, you must ask to see samples of everything you are interested in.

3. What is the warranty offered? Every film will come with a warranty of some sort, but not all warranties are the same. When you apply auto window tint Colleyville, TX you can expect a lifetime warranty, but even at that there are limitations in some warranties. The important issue is color change; many manufacturers of lower quality film will exclude that, the better material is warranted against anything that may happen and the warranty not only covers replacement material, but the labor to install it as well.

4. Check the legal limits: You will find that most states set a limit on the darkness of window tint, especially that installed on the front window. Make sure your choice of suppliers is aware of the law and adheres to it.

Once you have done your due diligence, you will be in a position to make the correct choice for your environment.

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