Call the Plumbers in Westchester County NY When You Have Toilet Issues

Most people think very little of their toilet until something begins to go wrong. It is then you quickly learn just how important this plumbing appliance is. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can arise with a toilet. It is important to understand the warning signs to look for so you will know when to call the Plumbers in Westchester County NY.

• If your toilet is leaking, it needs to be inspected by the Plumbers in Westchester County NY. You can see if the tank is leaking by placing a few drops of food coloring in the water in the back of your tank. If you have a leak into your bowl, you will soon see colored water entering.

• Leaks around the base of your toilet typically means your wax seal is failing. The wax seal is crucial for preventing leaks. If the seal is going bad, this could lead to water damage on your flooring. A plumber can come out and remove the old seal and put down a new one so your toilet is working properly.

• When flushing your toilet, you should not have any material left behind. If your toilet is not flushing completely, it needs to be inspected so the problem can be repaired.
When raw sewage or bad odors are coming from your toilet this could mean your sewer lines are blocked or your septic tank has become too full. This requires a professional to come out and inspect the system. Pumping the tank can stop the odors and overflow so your home is safe for your family’s health.

• Though a clogged toilet is not always a big deal, it can be a sign of problems if the clogs become chronic in nature. This often means there is a major blockage in the main line that needs to be repaired.

If you have noticed any of these signs with your toilet, you need to contact Cassidy Plumbing Westchester County NY right away. They will provide you with the professional plumbing services you need so your plumbing system operates properly. Visit website to learn more about their services.

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