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Taking your child to the dentist is an important way to ensure their overall well-being. A baby should have their first dental visit by the age of about one. A pediatric dentist can tell if the baby’s teeth are coming in properly. The primary teeth set the foundation for jaw development and permanent teeth. The caring Children’s Dental Phoenixville parents depend on is just a phone call away. Children’s Dentists focus on taking care of children from the the time they are babies through their teen years. From the first tooth to recommending orthodontics, they are with your child every step of the way.

The Children’s Dental Phoenixville parents trust establishes an environment where kids feel comfortable. The office is welcoming and the staff at Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville understands the concerns parents and children face. They make everyone feel at ease during routine checkups, cleanings and more extensive dental work such as fillings. They recommend dental devices to maintain proper tooth spacing when necessary. A pediatric dentist focuses on keeping your child’s teeth healthy so they are functional and attractive. By the age of around 6, children typically have all 20 primary teeth. By the time a child is about 20, they will have 32 permanent teeth. The pediatric dentist encourages children to see their teeth as prized possessions that require a great deal of care.

Children are taught from a young age about the importance of keeping their teeth clean. The dental staff shows your child how to brush properly and floss the teeth to get debris out from in between them. They discuss why it is important to brush, floss and use dental rinses. A pediatric dentist reviews the detriments of tooth decay and how it can even lead to loss of teeth in the years to come. The complete Children’s Dental Phoenixville parents rely on also teaches kids how proper nutrition and good food choices can help them get a healthier smile. In simple terms, kids are taught how to love their teeth. Parents bring children on a regular schedule for checkups and cleanings so kids know how to properly take care of their teeth when they grow up.

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