Catering in Omaha: Two Different Meal Service Options to Choose From

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Catering

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If you are planning an event, whether it is a wedding or an office party, one of the most important factors of any event is the food. Before you begin your search for Catering in Omaha to prepare the menu for your event, there are several things to consider to ensure you hire the best caterer to suit your needs. The majority of caterers, such as Brandeis Caterer are capable of preparing meals for a wide range of events as well as various group sizes.

Before contacting a company for Catering in Omaha, you should be prepared to answer a variety of questions, such as what type of event it is, a close estimate of the number of guests, what type of meal service you prefer and the date, time and location of the event.

There are basically two types of catering service options to choose from: a sit down meal or a buffet style meal. Dinners that are sit down mean your guests will be seated at tables, and the caterer will arrange for the meal to be served to the guests. If you choose to have sit down catering, you will need to ask your guests ahead of time which main course they will be having. For example, the caterer may provide you with a menu of fish or chicken, and you will need to provide the information for how many fish meals and how many chicken meals will be needed. This helps the caterer to be prepared by having enough of each choice available, and it ensures your guests they will be having their preferred type of meal. Catering in a buffet style typically means there will be more food choices for the menu; however, they serve themselves. If you want a catered meal, but do not have the budget for a sit down meal, which requires the cost of more staff, a buffet meal is an excellent option. The buffet is usually also left out, so the guests can go back for seconds and late guests will not miss the meal.




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