Child Custody in Ashburn

An experienced divorce attorney can deal effectively with the destructive nature of divorce on a family. The emotions arising from a divorce almost always affect the children. The children are confused, and they do not understand the issues of the divorce. Children feel helpless because they do not know how they will be affected.

Child custody battles can become one of the harsh realities of divorce. The children are often used in a battle that no one can win. The children watch the battle and they cannot help but hear the arguments. They have no idea what the issues really are, and they have no idea what they can do about it. There is really nothing they can do. This just leads to more confusion in the minds of the children. Accusations true or not are thrown around as phrases which are not given any thought for the children who hear them. There can be no denying that a divorce can ruin the lives of children if the parents are not really careful.

Child custody battles often arise over concern for the physical and emotional welfare of the children. An intervention by an experienced attorney is required when the children are really at risk. This is a child custody battle that must be waged to protect the children. Attorneys experienced in Child Custody in Ashburn can handle these cases and protect the children.


An experienced divorce attorney will attempt to direct the spouse around the contentious issue of the marriage and focus on the welfare of the children. The attorney for each spouse can explain the problems that the parents will have fighting a custody battle. The court must follow the pre-determined guidelines on awarding child custody unless there are compelling reasons for the court to rule another way. Child Custody in Ashburn is subject to the court guidelines. If the attorney can present a cogent argument for the court to rule another way, then the court might depart from the guidelines. The attorney will know whether such an argument can be made.

Arguments over child custody will likely produce nothing except a higher legal bill. The objective of the attorneys is to make sure that they have brought the parents to an agreement on custody without the court’s involvement. When the initial anger caused by filing for a divorce subsides it is possible that the attorneys can accomplish this.


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