Choosing An Air Conditioning Contractor

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home or just replacing an old air conditioning unit, it’s important to hire the right Air Conditioning in Darien company to do the job. A new proper sized energy efficient AC unit, installed correctly in your home, will keep your home comfortable and cool with minimal energy costs to you. Hiring the right company to do the job will ensure that it is installed properly. They will stand behind their product and installation, if you have any questions or concerns at a later date.

The first consideration in choosing the right air conditioning contractor is to speak to friends and family for recommendations. Get at least three bids from the recommended companies. Verify the size cooling unit that the estimates propose, as it’s extremely important that the proper sized unit be installed in your home. A unit too large will waste electricity as well as a unit too small will. If one bid is much lower than the others, determine why. Don’t just assume it’s the better deal. There may be a very valid reason it’s lower such as a less energy efficient unit, a smaller sized unit or the guarantee isn’t as comprehensive. Know exactly what you are agreeing to.

After you’ve settled on the contractor, check his licensing and insurance. It’s imperative that he hold the proper business license to work in your area and have thorough insurance coverage. If he doesn’t and damage or injury occurs, you, the homeowner, could be held liable.

Before the contractor starts the job, go over the contract carefully. Make certain everything is spelled out. Don’t ever assume. Later oral agreements that may be made, need to be written on the contract and initialed by both parties. If that isn’t done, there is no way to ever prove it was said. Verify the warranty on the unit and what exactly is covered. Make sure it is clearly stated in the contract, so there are no surprises if the unit has a problem at a later date.

Following these tips will help you find a good company that does Air Conditioning Darien. Though it may seem time consuming to check coverage and verify contracts, it will serve you well when it avoids problems and you know you have chosen the right company for the job.

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