Choosing Between Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs add comfort and warmth to any room; they also act as an effective sound barrier. Choosing between rugs and carpets as designer flooring can be difficult. Carpets are intended as a permanent feature in the room whereas carpets can be picked up and moved. Rugs can pose danger as they are prone to slipping, carpeting on the other hand is difficult to install and can be more expensive.

When people are discussing design flooring they will often use the term carpet and rug interchangeably. Carpets are cut and fitted to a room and fastened to the floor with adhesive and carpet tacks whereas rugs are just thrown on the floor with no adhesive at all to stabilize them. Often the choice is made based on status; if the house is owned by the occupants they may choose carpets but if the house is occupied by renters, they will usually choose rugs that can be taken with them when they leave the place.

Rugs and carpets also look very different. A carpet which is installed wall-to-wall is always a single colour or pattern, in many cases the same carpet will be installed in a number of rooms, especially if the rooms are open to one another. This approach provides a look of unification and harmony. Conversely, throw rugs are little more than patches of colour on certain areas of the floor. Rugs are available in hundreds of different styles, colours and patterns.

A home that has carpeting usually is warmer than a home that uses rugs as the designer flooring. They both keep your feet off the cold floor but as carpets have a thick under pad, they provide a thicker barrier between the floor and the bottom of the foot. A rug has very little cushioning if it has any at all.

Carpets are usually recommended in homes where elderly people live, as carpets cannot skid out from under foot nor can they be tripped over as can a rug.
Other than for very expensive oriental rugs, carpets are usually more expensive than rugs. Not only does one have the expense of the rug and underlay, there is an added expense of installation which usually is done by professionals who have the tools and skill.

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