Choosing Steel Fabrication from an Edmonton Manufacturing Firm

What type of Edmonton manufacturing company would you need if you are interested in having structures like steel frames, supports and chutes created? You need the services of an excellent steel fabrication company.

The Processes

Steel fabrication has many dimensions and processes, but the most familiar ones often have something to do with preparing the raw material for cutting and fabrication.

Shot blasting is usually the first process and involves blasting the steel with shot. This ensures the surface of the steel will be easier to work with. Shot-blasted steel is easier to weld and will accept different types of paint too.

Cutting involves slicing through thick steel bars and pipes to come up with pre-measured sections. Steel workers will then assemble the pre-cut parts later on for faster completion of the project.

Detailing With Steel

When a project requires smaller details that make the overall structure more aesthetically pleasing, steel workers perform bending. Machine bending is common, though thinner pipes and pieces of metal can sometimes be be bent by hand. Press breaking and steel rolling are other common methods for generating the right details in steel.

Welding involves attaching metals together so they stay together and remain strong as a unit. Steel workers perform this process repeatedly until all parts are attached to the main framework and later on, the joints between metal parts or units are polished to create a more professional look in the final structure.

Types of Projects

Among the many things an expert steel fabricator can produce are scaffoldings, frameworks, cord projects, oil/petroleum related parts and fittings, bridges, shell expansion projects, massive pipes for oil and coal, pipe support structures, beams, columns, joists, stairs, railing, gratings and more.

Steel fabricators make use of heavy-duty equipment to get things done, including drill lines, twin column band saws, automated plate cutting systems, automatic shear and punch machines, coping machines, radial arm drills and stud welding machines.

Find out more about steel fabrication process and manufacturing by visiting the Northern Weldarc website or by calling 780-467-1522.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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