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Since its initial discovery in 1910 by Walter Snelling, propane has become one of the most popular fuels in the world. Propane is often used to heat homes, businesses, in converted engines and for cooking. Propane is not a naturally occurring gas. In fact, propane is the product of the pressurization of processed natural gas or refined crude oil. The compressed gas becomes liquid propane which can be stored easily in a tank. Once stored it retains liquid form until it is uncompressed and reverts to a gaseous state. Propane is considered to be nontoxic and has no visible color or odor. Propane is a volatile gas and appropriate safety measures are taken to ensure that leaks are quickly detected. Odorants are added to propane in New Milford CT area to ensure that residents or business owners can easily recognize the smell of leaking propane.

The Clean Air Act addressed the issue of air pollutants and recognized alternatives that were less likely to produce hazardous air contaminates. It was in 1990, that propane was recognized as a clean, alternative to other fuels. Propane is an excellent alternative fuel and is one of the cleanest burning fuels in the industry. Propane is not only cleaner than natural gas, it also produces more energy. According to the Natural Gas Propane Association, 60 million people use propane in the United States. Approximately 8 billion gallons are used for non industrial purposes such as residential heating and cooking, commercial heating and cooking and recreational uses. Residential use of propane accounts for a substantial percentage of propane use. Along with cooking and heating or cooling their homes, consumers often use propane for drying clothes or gas fireplaces.

Propane can also be used as fuel for vehicles. The vehicles that use propane can be found in both commercial and individual models. Categorized by light, medium and heavy duty models, consumers can find cars and trucks that are not only energy efficient but are slightly better in mileage than their gasoline or diesel counterparts. Propane New Milford CT is cost effective for residential, industrial and commercial uses. Propane usage can save customers between 30 to 50 percent yearly when compared to electric. Propane has a variety uses and is economically a great choice for those looking for a clean, alternative to natural gas or oil.
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