Choosing the Right Engagement Ring for Your Bride-to-be

Engagement rings are an announcement of love and devotion to another person. When a person wears an elegant adornment on their finger, they are telling the world there will be a wedding coming up in their future. Jewelry of all kinds can be made of a variety of metals including silver, gold, titanium, steel and more. It depends on personal preference and local traditions. Stones included in a setting could include diamonds, emeralds, opals or any other precious gemstone that appeals to the couple or their family traditions. One of the benefits today is that in many areas, engagement rings can be as simple as a solid band or as elaborate as an ice-clear princess cut diamond.

Who Wears the Ring?

More and more areas are becoming open to the ideas that traditions change and people do what makes them most comfortable. Normally in Western cultures, the woman would be the one who wore the jewelry and the man was the one who provided it to her. It may be viewed as a temporary piece until the actual wedding band is offered, or it could serve as the wedding band as well. In other cultures, both the man and woman would have a matching set.

How Much Should it Cost?

This depends on a number of factors. Is it going to be a temporary piece, or will it double as the wedding band? Does the woman place a higher value on material things than average, or does she not? How does her family view the situation? A generalized rule of thumb says the engagement ring should require three-months of a man’s salary to purchase. Some men choose to spend much more than this and others much less. Whether or not you go with the traditional guideline of cost is entirely your choice and will, of course, depend on your financial stability.

How Many Stones Should it Have?

Again this can depend on a variety of factors. Many settings have room for one stone and nothing more, while other settings can have one showcase stone and smaller accent stones. The stone of choice is normally a diamond, though other precious stones can be used. Diamonds come in a variety of sizes, cuts and even colors and can span the entire spectrum of pricing. In the end, whatever stone and setting you choose will make a wonderful engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

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