Common Issues with Hydraulic Hoses in Joliet, Illinois

Hydraulic systems are intricate setups designed to create power through pressure. Though several components go into their operation, Hydraulic Hoses in Joliet Illinois are among the most significant. These parts are responsible for carrying fluid to various parts of the systems they’re connected to and, in some cases, between different systems. While these hoses are made to withstand continual use and high levels of pressure, they aren’t invulnerable to wear and tear. Some common problems tend to crop up along the way.

Excessive Heat

Hydraulic systems are used in an array of applications, each one exposing their components to certain hazards. Parts are often designed specifically for harsh conditions and different types of exposure, but not all of them can withstand some extremes. Heat is among hydraulic hoses’ major foes, and it can cause them to become brittle and crack. This is one of the most common issues faced when dealing with hydraulics.


Hose erosion can come from a few different sources. Hydraulic components are constantly on the move, so a certain amount of vibration and friction is bound to wear away the outer linings of the hoses. At the same time, internal wear can be caused by continual fluid motion or solid particles within the liquid being carried. Either way, erosion can lead to leaks as well as any number of other problems.

Assembly Errors

In any mechanical setup, proper assembly is the key to functionality and longevity. Hydraulic systems are no exception to the rule. An endless list of issues can ensue if Hydraulic Hoses in Joliet Illinois aren’t connected to their fittings as they should be. Caution and experience both play into this scenario, and a lack of either could bring about numerous problems, such as leakage, untimely hose wear, and failure of other components to name a few.

An entire array of costly and complicated problems can crop up when it comes to hydraulic systems no matter how durable their components may be. These are only a few of the most common hose issues. High demands are placed on these systems, and they’re under massive amounts of pressure, so plenty of other things could go wrong as well. For troubleshooting assistance or replacement hoses, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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