Common Problems Associated with the Roof

Problems with your roof are able to be prevented with regular roof maintenance. If you have suspicions that there are shingles missing from the roof, mold damage or leaks, you should contact a roofing Contractor in Norfolk to help rectify the problem before it progresses more.

Some of the most common problems that are associated with a roof are listed here.

Field of Shingles

The most common type of roofing problem is with the field of shingles. This can include shingles that have blown off, pooling water, and field membranes that have shrunk. All of these issues can lead to leaks in the field of the roof itself.


Each valley that is present on your roof can create a type of river valley. The water will begin to accumulate and as the water begins to move faster, it can create a significant amount of damage, especially on roofs that were not properly installed in the first place.

Head Wall Flashing

The head wall is the part of the roof where the downward slope is present and it meets a wall. The wall step is the actual slope that runs parallel to the wall. If the flashing is damaged or installed improperly on the wall step it will cause leaks, as well as interior drips that are actually not even close to the original leak. This can make the leak itself hard to locate.


This is a particular area of danger when it comes to problems with the roof. Chimneys can sag or buckle and create significant gaps in the flashing. This is seen extensively on chimneys that are older.

Other roofing problems may develop as well. Sway where a satellite is installed can cause damage where it is mounted to the roof, tree branches that brush against or touch the roof can cause issues and the simple act of the blowing wind can damage a roof.

These issues should be watched for in order to prevent the damage from becoming worse. Hiring a knowledgeable roofing technician may also help to fix the issue before it becomes worse and costs more money to fix.


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