Common Reasons to Order a Stair Lift

If you’ve suffered a medical injury, you may need to order a stair lift to get to the different levels in your home. For some patients, this is only a temporary need, as they expect to fully recover the use of their legs in the future. For others, the stair lift is a permanent fixture to help them get around the house. Here are some of the more common reasons that people choose to purchase stair lifts in Omaha NE.

Leg and Hip Injuries

People that suffer with leg and hip injuries often find that they need a stair lift to get to the next floor in their home. This includes a type of surgery where you would have a pin or other device installed in the knees or joints. Hip injuries are very common in elderly patients, and is the main cause for the need for this type of device.

Weakness and Fatigue

Your illness or injury could cause overall weakness. Often times, this makes it very difficult to go up and down the stairs, and in some cases, doctors will strictly prohibit this activity. When your body is weak, you are at a much higher risk for falling down the stairs, and for most elderly patients, this is a very dangerous situation to be in. If you find that your muscles are weak, or that you experience any amount of shortness of breath while moving up and down the stairs, then you should start to look for companies that will provide stair lifts in Omaha NE.


Pain in the knees and joints is another very common reason to use a stair lift in your home. This of course, should always be checked out by a physician to make sure that the cause of the pain is accurately pinpointed. Arthritis is often the mail culprit in these situations, and stair lifts are often preferred over surgery or pharmaceutical treatments.

Stair lifts are common medical devices that can come in handy during your time of need. If you’ve suffered a leg or hip injury, then you may not be able to go up and down the stairs the way that you used to. Weakness and pain are also very valid reasons to purchase stair lifts in Omaha NE.

If you’re searching for stair lifts in Omaha NE, you should purchase from a company with integrity and a true passion for helping patients regain their mobility. Visit the website to find out how to get a stair lift that fits your needs.

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