Comparing Free Government Cell Phone Companies in Vermont

Comparing your options when it comes to choosing from the various free government cell phone companies offering service in Vermont is an important step in the process. Different companies offer a variety of additional options and services either at no cost or at reduced costs for their Lifeline customers.

It is important to note that all free government cell phone companies Vermont must meet specific minimum service standards set by the government. This provides quality mobile service, including the number of minutes for calls and the speed of both mobile and fixed broadband. In addition, the usage allowance for both mobile and fixed broadband is also set, providing the Lifeline customers with consistency in the type and quality of broadband.
Questions to Research

Understanding there are minimum requirements all free government cell phone companies must provide, consumers in Vermont can still compare their options and choose the option that meets their specific needs.

Questions to consider and research with each phone service provider include:

  • Text and call limitations – there are services offering unlimited text and domestic calls, providing more than the minimum required.
  • Smartphone included – what smartphones are provided with the program
  • Can I use my own device – if you currently own a smartphone, you may be able to bring it with you and even continue to use your current number
  • Included data – find out the amount of data you have per month on the plan and if you can purchase additional data as needed

Comparing the answers will help you to choose the best provider for your Lifeline phone.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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