Completing an MBBS In Maharashtra

One of the most pressing issues for many students in India is earning a high enough ranking in the NEET exam to qualify for a seat to complete an MBBS in Maharashtra. Across India, over a million students complete for just 80,000 possible seats distributed between both public and private universities.

Students that are successful in placement for an MBBS in Maharashtra have to consider the potential cost of living away from home, managing transportation, and paying tuition. The tuition and fees to complete an MBBS in India can be as much as 20 lakh per year, which is extremely difficult for most families to afford.

To avoid the competition, the cost, and then the challenge of earning a PG in India after the MBBS in Maharashtra, many students choose to complete their MBBS abroad.

Study in the Caribbean

An alternative to completing a medical degree in Maharashtra is to attend Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean. Students who are ineligible through NEET can apply, and there is no need to write the MCAT exams required for medical programs in the USA.

Unlike private and public universities throughout India, Spartan Health Sciences University offers a 40% scholarship on tuition. Students can complete both Green Book clinical rotations and their PG in the USA at top ACGME approved training hospitals.

Spartan Health Sciences University graduates have an 87% rate of acceptance into US PG programs with the first application. This is also an advantage as the NEET PG placement in India is highly competitive, with about 32,000 seats available.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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