Composite Roof Shingles in Tyler TX Are a Popular Roof Choice

Composite roof shingles in Tyler TX are categorized under two classifications. For instance, organic composite shingles are made of a basic core of paper or felt. The core is then topped with ceramic granules. Organic shingles last about 30 years and are considered more flexible than the second class of shingles, which are made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass roof shingles are made of a fiberglass that is reinforced with a resin and coated with asphalt. The shingles are designed to be a bit more brittle than organic shingles, and therefore are not as resilient to temperature changes or expansion and contraction. However, the shingles are more water-resistant because they are coated with a resin.

These types of roof shingles are offered by companies such as Advantage Roofing Company with a warranty for longevity. Shingles made of composite materials are available in subcategories such as laminate/dimensional, 3-tab, and architectural. The 3-tab composite, which appears as a layer of shingles on a roof, is featured in numerous colors, depending on the manufacturer.

Laminate/Dimensional Shingles

Laminate/dimensional shingles are the most common type of composite shingle. These roof shingles are twice the thickness of 3-tab shingles. Laminate shingles feature two shingles affixed together to produce an appearance of depth, rather than the one-dimensional and flat look of a 3-tab shingle. Architectural-type shingles are considered to be a premium product that are comparable in appearance to materials such as shake and slate.

Composite shingles are popular because they offer a balance between value and looks. The shingles are fire-resistant and impact-resilient as well. In addition, the roofs match just about any architectural style and are therefore suitable for any renovation project, even if the project is a historic restoration. Again, the shingles, which are notably cheaper than clay, shake, or slate, offer the same beautiful appearance as their more expensive counterparts. Contact today for more details about the roof shingles in Tyler TX.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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